In 1995 ,by reason of ordering the mess wireless networks,Beijing government and Radio management Bureau assigned Goldtel to erect Beijing Wireless Information Network,and provide private networks for goverment and mobile broadband metropolitan network for public even some value added services in Beijing city and outskirts.



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Goldtel's more than 100 employees are committed to delivering world-class products backed by unmatched customer service. Whether you're a single household, a small business or a global corporation, from voice to data to video, Goldtel has a solution just for you. Not only in China,but also for the world.
Sole domestic private wireless operating company
abundant Radio frequency license (1030MHz)
Private wireless microwave metropolitan network
ISP telecom value added operation license
VSAT operation license£®Goldinfo£©
Applying VOIP license
many years experience of wireless operating
Especially good at emergency communication


Good performance metropolitan wireless networks
instantly establish nation wireless private network
One-stop services of telephone,video,Internet Access
Not only in Beijing but also on global
Not only for today but also for 2008 Olympics
Not only for us but alse for all chinese and world





With the successfully operating Bwin we would establish a national wide wireless network ,basing on four twin stars frames covering at least 20 provincial capital cities,including TianJing ShangHai ChongQing Chengdu and so on.